A Brief Introduction to the Web Editions

From “Azoth of the Philosophers” by Basil Valentine c. 1659

The name of this project is a bit of a misnomer.  To suggest a one, true alchemy, or worse, that I possessed any knowledge of it, would be a misgiving.  The word itself is a complex and murky synthesis of meanings and language, transmuted through Egyptian, Coptic, Greek, Arabic and Latin to arrive at it’s most modern and familiar romantic forms.  The concept these words intend to express is just as varied and interwoven, at once a protoscientific precursor of modern chemistry, a ceaseless quest for divinity and an attempt at the mastery of matter and mind.  It is too vast, too historically, spiritually and intellectually complex to be reduced to a singular truth.

But that paradox, one of a singular multiplicity or a multiple singularity, being one and at the same time many, changing and constant, is the powerful metaphor alchemy provides.  By reducing matter, perception, experience, or thought down to the prima materia, the formless quintessence of being, we come to better know the form, and this is the fundamental aim of all true alchemy.  

This project is a merging of those subjects and ideas, curiosities and questions which have remained disparate and apart in me. It is a common, unifying course upon a forking path, a living question whose ends are not met in answers but in a vivid perception of the question itself.  With True Alchemy I aim to present an amalgam of language, art, science and spirit through story, image and symbol, revealing insights not only of the self or it’s mirage, but of the unified whole of our shared experience.  As my perspective is only one of an innumerable many this project would be nothing without the active engagement of others and the sharing of their journeys, stories, work and insights toward the same elusive and endless destination — those labyrinthine halls of understanding.



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